The Worst of Netflix

Thousands of years from now, when scientists dig up what little remains from our society, they will dust dirt off… this page of the internet… and discover the WORST OF NETFLIX (lightning strike). Here you can find our list of the worst movies on Netflix. Every few weeks we review a movie with a 1 star rating on Neftlix and here you can see a list of those movies, with a link to the episode we reviewed it in, where the individual reviewers ranked each movie, and the overall ranking.

Because this is the WORST OF NETFLIX (lightning strike again) the list goes from worst to best. This means that we have determined, temporarily, the worst movie on Netflix to be:


Congratulations Christian Slater! While you actually gave a reasonably great effort as a generic military person (we think?) on the moon, much like the 4 members of Moonbase Ark 184, nothing could save this piece of shit. But thanks to Netflix and OPZombies, you shall forever go down as the WORST OF NETFLIX (no lightning this time, budget cuts)… and by forever we mean until our next review.


Title Year Genre Episode # Our Ranking (1 is worst)
Stranded 2013 Sci-fi/Horror 3 & 50 1
Wing Commander 1999 Sci-fi 47 2
Infection: The Invasion Begins 2010 Sci-fi/Horror 5 3
Alien Outpost 2014 Sci-fi 44 4
Alien Uprising 2012 Sci-fi 20 5
Alice 1988 Animation 4 6
The Cobbler 2013 Drama/Comedy 46 7
Congo 1995 Action 90 7

The ranking system complex formula:  After we watch a movie we rank it against the other movies we watched.  Tada!