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Our 50th Episode!!! (Plus: Stranded Commentary Track)

This week John and Justin celebrate making this stupid podcast 50 times by giving the viewers something they never asked for:  a commentary track to the worst movie on Netflix, Stranded.

For maximum “enjoyment” start playing Stranded on Netflix.  At the start, an eye appears on screen.  The moment the eye starts turning into the logo (for that production company) press pause.  When we do the countdown press play when we say “go” (3, 2, 1… GO!).  Or save yourself and don’t do anything and just join us next week when we don’t do this again.





0:00 – Pre-commentary track info
5:45 – Stranded Commentary Track

Sounds & Attributed Music

Attributed Music & Sounds

“Now Entering” – From the Nerdist Podcast.
“My Time is Now (8-Bit)”Rakohus