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    • fin

      Ep. 100: The End

      Some podcasts do end of year reviews or recaps or big extravaganzas.  We instead decided to give you our final episode.  Which we recorded in October.  This should pretty much explain why we never had any listeners.  Thanks for listening …..

    • cover

      Ep. 97: The Ninety Seven (Plus: The Fits)

      This week Justin, Maureen, and John tackle this week in pop culture and review the indie darling The Fits and briefly touch on the BBC’s and Netflix’s Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell and Lovesick. by

  • Let's Get Bachy Podcast

    • Let's Get Batchy

      Let’s Get Bachy Podcast Ep. 8 – Episode 7 Recap

      Welcome to WARSAW YOU GUYS!!!! No, I’m not talking about the the city in Poland bliztkrieged by Germany and liberated by the Good Ole USA in WWII. I’m of course talking about the fine Midwest town of Warsaw, Indiana. Josh, Kelly, …..

    • Let's Get Batchy

      Let’s Get Bachy Podcast Ep. 7 – Episode 6 Recap

      Becky is back #YouGuys! The band is back together and they #TalkSmartThings about Olivia’s final delusions of grandeur, the Bay of Pigs group date, Leah’s Manchurian Candidate plot to eliminate Lauren B, crown a Lauren Fantasy League Champ, FINALLY pick …..

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    • mr robot

      Mr. Robot’s Lost Moment

      Spoilers ahead, please if you haven’t seen Mr. Robot, do yourself the favor and go watch it on USA.com.  If you have seen it feel free to proceed and please follow with us weekly on our podcast.  If you want …..